Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid (ORIGINAL)

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Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid (ORIGINAL)

₱1,699.00 ₱4,000.00 -58% OFF
Product description

Most Advanced Hearing Aid

The Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid (ORIGINAL) has microprocessor technology and one of the most advanced hearing devices. Whether you have a hearing condition or you are longing to experience a higher level of sound, we highly recommend you this remarkable amplification device.

This is the famous sound amplification device that has been nationally publicized on TV and in leading publications being sold in Europe for much, much more. High technology so small fits right in your ear. Don't be fooled by this device’s size or appearance. It may look like a simple device just designed to hide just right in your ear, but it's actually a major breakthrough in sound interception and amplification technology.

State of the art electronic engineering actually allows you to capture and amplify sounds you can hardly hear with your own ears! It works incredibly well that you literally won't believe your ears! A new world to super ears! 

【Rechargeable Function】We provide a USB charger to save you the trouble of buying a battery. Easily turn the device on/off using the power switch. The volume can be easily adjusted with just one finger, no tools are needed. And he can charge anywhere there is a USB outlet, such as a company computer, home outlet, etc.
【Mini Hearing Aid】 The ultra-compact rechargeable design allows you to wear it on your ears so that no one can easily see it and hide it perfectly.
【Digital processing mode】Advanced digital signal processing technology provides high-quality natural sound, please use the appropriate earbuds to use, and ensure that there is no gap between the earbuds and the earhole, while adjusting the sound from small to large.
【Protective box】We've sent you a protective box so that you can carry the device conveniently even when you're out and about, so that you can use it whenever you want.
【After-sales guarantee】We guarantee you a 1-year warranty, at the same time we will answer any questions for you, when you are not satisfied, we guarantee you will receive a full refund.

Wearing Tips:

1. Please fully charge it before wearing it for the first time. See the user guide in the package.

2. Before wearing it, please slowly approach the ear to check if the sound is too loud, you must adjust the sound from small to large.

3.You will find 5 different sizes of earbuds in the box. If you're not sure which size is best for your ear canal, choose one and try the other.


1. Please turn off the button when not in use to extend the battery life.

2. Please follow the instructions to use, if you do not understand, please contact customer service in time, do not operate blindly.

3. Important - make sure you choose the right hearing aid earbuds. You will hear a whistling sound if the earplugs don't match the ear holes, causing you discomfort, so choose the right size.

The package has:

1 rechargeable mini hearing aid
5 earplugs.
1 USB charger
1 instruction manual

【STOP BUYING REPLACEMENT BATTERIES TODAY】Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid (ORIGINAL) is rechargeable so there is no need to keep buying replacement batteries. 
【TOP NOTCH SOUND QUALITY】Designed by audiologists and outfitted with the latest digital technology these hearing amplifiers offer you Top-Grade Sophistication and Performance. The Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid (ORIGINAL) has digital Noise Cancellation and Feedback Reduction features that allow them to deliver powerful crisp, clear sound without any annoying feedback or whistling.
【EASY TO USE! NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED】Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid (ORIGINAL) works hassle free. They are ready to use right out of the box with no time-consuming adjustments. Simply let the sound amplifiers fully charge and easily turn on the device with the power switch. Adjust the volume control with just the turn of a finger. Ideal for seniors, elderly adults and those with arthritis pain

1- Check if the power is switched on

2- Make sure the hearing aid is fully charged

3- If it wasn't being used for a long period fully charge battery before use

4- Make sure volume is set correctly.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work your product might be damaged or defective, please contact us for a free replacement!

Best Amplification

With the noise reduction facility, it is guaranteed to maximize your ability to hear natural sound, by eliminating unwanted background noises to deliver a crystal clear sound that you never experienced before.

Comfortable and Convenient

It is extremely small and light, you won't feel like you are wearing one. It won't cause any sort of discomfort even if worn for prolonged periods. For easy storage and cleaning it comes in a tiny storage case and includes a cleaning brush. Also, there will be no extra expense as the device is rechargeable. It comes with a charging cord for easy recharging.

Fits All

No matter if you need an hearing aid for yourself or for your kid, this is designed to fit all. Also, you can comfortably wear it in either ear.

Key Features

Advanced Microprocessor technology
Fits in either ear
Easy use and storage

Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid (ORIGINAL)

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