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Miracle Cream for Skin Diseases Miracle Cream for Skin Diseases
Miracle Cream for Skin Diseases from ₱650.00

This amazing cream will help you treat Psoriasis and Eczema. This cream contains powerful medicinal herbs that helps cure different types of skin diseases. Psoriasis and Eczema can be both embarrassing and irritating. It can also be uncomfortable and quite itchy. People suffering from this skin problems have to contend with both the worry that others may find them disgusting. Moreover, it comes with intense itchiness and pain. Finally, say goodbye to horribly painful & burning red eczema! Our Advanced Psoriasis & Eczema Cream is scientifically designed for people who suffer from autoimmune skin problems. ✔️Fast acting & effective moisturizing skin cream✔️instantly restore moisture to dry cracked skin✔️Clinically proven to relieve minor irritation and dryness✔️Delivers 24 hour hydration This ointment have stronger inhibitory effect on e. coli and fungi, so that it can prevent skin from infections.Cracked, dry and scaly skin due to psoriasis and eczema can be very itchy and painful. The burning sensation and itch can be very uncomfortable and bothersome. This advanced psoriasis and eczema cream gives your skin instant and long lasting relief from itching.    Symptoms  Rashes commonly appear in creases of the elbows or knees or the nape of the neck. Rashes cover much of the body. Rashes can be especially prominent on the neck, face, and around the eyes. Rashes can cause very dry skin. Rashes can be permanently itchy. Rashes in adults can be more scaly than those occurring in children. Rashes can lead to skin infections. Main Ingredients: Sophorae Flavescentis radix, Stemonae radix, Cnidii fructus, Kochiae Fructus, Menthae Haplocalycis Herba extractive, Chlorhexidine acetate 0.3-0.25%, stearic acid, Distilled glycerol monostearate, Vaseline, Purified water, etc. Inhibitory Components and Contents: Chlorhexidine acetate 0.3-0.25%Notes: External use only! Please do not swallow. Stop the treatment if any adverse reaction occurs.Due to high demand of this product we have limited stocks only! We accept Cash On Delivery or Cash on Pick up @ LBC branch near you!We will PAY for Shipping! Buy NOW!see customer's review below....

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Miracle Antibacterial Sulfur Soap Miracle Antibacterial Sulfur Soap
Miracle Antibacterial Sulfur Soap ₱299.00

Main functions: This product has obvious function of inhibition, cleaning, disinfection for all kinds of fungal infection caused by various tinea disease (such as psoriasis, eczema, capitis, tinea, scabies(Jie) ringworm, beriberi, small blisters, etc.) Why Skin Problems Exist? Have you cleaned every inch of your body? Oil-control has been done? Have you chosen the right skin care product?   How to use? Wet the soap then daub on your hands, face and other parts, use fingertips massage for 3-5 minutes, then wash them off with clean water.   Skin Care Strats From Cleaning with Sulfur Soap Make you feel more relaxed and get better skin conditions, soothe skin discomfort, treat skin infection, redness, itchiness, protect from water and air pollutant, keep skin dry and clean in a safe condition, avoid eczema, rosacea, psoriasis etc.   Warning: Avoid contacting eyes, if contact by mistake, use plenty of water to wash your eyes immediately.

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Zudaifu Psoriasis Eczema Herbal Treatment Shampoo Zudaifu Psoriasis Eczema Herbal Treatment Shampoo
Zudaifu Psoriasis Eczema Herbal Treatment Shampoo ₱799.00

A REFLECTION ON YOUR OVERALL HEALTH Believe it or not, the condition of your hair can be one of the most important signs of your overall health. Vibrant, healthy hair means that your body is producing enough vitamins and nutrients that ensure the body is operating at its peak condition. Unhealthy, dry and frizzy hair may be a sign that you may need to change your diet or hair care routine in order to promote your overall health and well-being. BOOSTS SELF-CONFIDENCE Self-confidence is important to everyone, and the condition of our hair has a significant impact on how we view ourselves. How to use?1. Wet hair with warm water, put proper amount of Zudaifu Psoriasis Eczema Herbal Treatment Shampoo in palm, knead foam on hair.2. Rub gently with finger pulp massage for about five minutes (do not use nail scratch, this will damage scalp, leading to more serious hair loss)3. After gently rubbing, rinse it with warm water. It is recommended to wash it once more, and the effect will be better (the first time to wash hair and the second time to nourish hair) Feature: 1. Chinese grass plant essence-deep nourish hair and scalp, repair damaged hair, herbal fragrance can make your hair exude a charming fragrance. Anti-peeling, anti-bacterial and anti-itching effect is remarkable. 2. Antibacterial-Herbal shampoo can eliminate dandruff on the scalp, inhibit and kill scalp itching caused by fungi and mites. 3. Repair damaged hair-regular use of herbal shampoo can penetrate deep into the pores to clean and nourish dry scalp and repair damaged hair. 4. Deep nourishing hair care-Shampoo extracts beneficial ingredients from natural plants. It is the main product for hair care. Because it has antibacterial and mite removal properties, it can balance hair oil, reduce the appearance of dandruff, and moisturize dry scalp . Package included: 1 x Zudaifu Hair Shampoo Specification: Brand: ZUDAIFU NET WT: 120ml Shelf life: 3 years


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