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Flame Air Diffuser Humidifier (Black) Flame Air Diffuser Humidifier (Black)
Flame Air Diffuser Humidifier (Black) ₱2,499.00

This aromatherapy humidifier will help you to solve your worries, it can purify the air, improve air quality, create the perfect environment for relaxing and enjoying life at home. Super quiet and easy: super quiet 30dB, can help you fall asleep easily at night and improve the quality of sleep. High quality PP material, does not contain any harmful substances, use more assured, more at ease Water shortage automatic power off protection: when the water is not enough, the essential oil humidifier will automatically power off to protect, very safe. LED light effect: intelligent LED lights combined with humidifier atomization to create a realistic flame effect, two grades of flame light brightness can be adjusted, to add paste atmosphere.   Flame Air Diffuser Humidifier (Black) 【Benefits In Full】 Relax, soothe, calm and enjoy your life to the fullest with our fragrance diffuser, which is expertly crafted using high-quality PP material, button plating process and uses intelligent LED lights combined with flame humidifier effect to create a realistic flame atmosphere. 【Original Flame Effect】 This essential oil diffuser is perfect for ultrasonic aromatherapy, collects light and mist to create a realistic flame effect that can be adjusted between a soft flame and fierce flame. Add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oils to relieve fatigue, moisturize your skin and ensure a pleasing atmosphere for you to relax. 【Ultra-Silent & Auto Shut-Off Function】 Our fire diffuser featuring an ultra-quiet operation mood of 30dB peaceful environment to help soothe your mood, relieve stress & improve your sleep quality. And, with the help of built-in intelligent chip, Air diffuser will automatically stop working when there is a lack of water, making it very safe and reliable. 【Portable & Versatile Usage】 Featuring a compact, convenient, small and portable design, this bedroom humidifier is super easy to carry, can improve the air quality at home while also making the bedroom less dry, perfect for home office, yoga, gym, and a wonderful gift for friends, family or loved ones. 【After-Sale Service】 Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities that’s why we will give you 12 months worry-free guarantee, if you have any questions about these diffuser humidifier, please feel free to contact us, to answer your queries, we will always go the extra mile.  

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LOVE Stainless Steel Couple Necklace LOVE Stainless Steel Couple Necklace
LOVE Stainless Steel Couple Necklace ₱999.00

Love Matching Necklaces Inspirational Quote -Thinking of you always even when we are apart, helping you miss your significant people. Stainless Steel Material Stainless steel plated black and rose gold color bar charm necklace hanging with stainless steel chain. Cross Matching Pendant Cross inlay with sparkly rhinestones which will make the charms more beautiful. Stylish Jewelry Black and rose-gold color surfaces of both necklaces have been polished to perfection to radiate beauty and catch onlookers eyes. The simple yet sophisticated design of both necklaces delivers a timeless look that will never go out of style. Wear this pendant necklace on any occasion on a daily basis. Crafted Beautiful Both inlaid many crystals to sparkle your love for one another to the outside world. Stainless steel necklaces are highly durable so they won't have to get replaced or repaired regularly.   Product details Elongated Cross Couple Necklace  Material: Titanium Steel Color: Black/RoseGold Chain length: 55CM  Weight: 10g

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Hearing Aid Portable Powerbank (20000 mAh) Hearing Aid Portable Powerbank (20000 mAh)
Hearing Aid Portable Powerbank (20000 mAh) ₱599.00

✅【Hearing Aid Portable Powerbank 20000mAh】20000mAh external batteries, no worry about the equipment running out of power. Built-in 20000mAh battery is enough to charge your hearing aid for more than 50x! YES, 50 times!  Not only can be used for personal portable charging, but also can be shared with others (iPhone 12 4.2 times, Samsung Galaxy S9 3.8 times, HUAWEI P30 3.1 times and iPad mini and all other gadgets) ✅【Ultra-rapid 2X2-Devices Charging】Each portable charger features dual 2.1A fast USB outputs, you can recharge your power bank more convenient using the included Micro USB cable. Dual outputs portable charger allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously. Scroll, snap and stream more without worrying about low battery. ✅【Safety Guaranteed】Built in reliable lithium polymer battery helps to charge your phone safely and prevent over-voltage, over-charging, over-current, or short circuit, etc. Won’t get too hot or cause a lot of heat on the battery. These battery packs are also airline-approved so you can travel anywhere with them. ✅【Unique LED indicator Shows Remaining Power】It can clearly see the battery level by the color of the switch: different colors representing different remaining power. ✅【Small & Slim】Grippy design is easy to hold, Easily slip the ultra-slim 20000mAh into your bag without even adding any bulk, and you’ll have massive power in handy, it is incredibly portable. Why This 20000 mAh Super Fast Charge Portable Powerbank? ✔ Best Bang for the Buck--Get a quality 20000mAh power banks ✔ Dual 2.1A fast USB outputs lets you charge for 2 devices at once ✔ Built in reliable lithium polymer battery helps to charge your phone safely ✔ Colorful LED indicator is just the coolest way to report remaining power ✔ Easily slip the ultra-slim 20000mAh into your bag without even adding any bulk, and you’ll have massive power in handy ✔ Work with not only with your HEARING ADI, but all phones and tablets and smaller devices like your Bluetooth headphone and speaker, fitness tracker, smart watch, etc; 2.1A Fast Charging Each portable charger has 2 USB output ports can connected devices quickly and efficiently distributes the current output up to 5V 2.1A. Safety Protection Built in reliable lithium polymer battery helps to charge your HEARING AID safely, won’t get too hot or cause a lot of heat on the battery of your device. Safe and reliable. Small & Slim Easily slip the ultra-slim 20000mAh into your bag without even adding any bulk, and you’ll have massive power in handy. Aireline Safe Power Bank These battery packs are also can take in airline, so you can travel anywhere with them. Empower your journey around the world. Wider Compatibility You can embark on the plane with the hand luggage, perfect for daily life, business trip, camping, parties, all activities;  

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Premium Gluta  Gold - (30 Capsules/Bottle) Premium Gluta  Gold - (30 Capsules/Bottle)
Premium Gluta Gold - (30 Capsules/Bottle) ₱999.00

Magnifique Premium Gluta Gold is one of the most effective whitening capsule with higher GLUTA CONTENT than most of the leading brand.  Glutathione is an antioxidant produced in cells. It’s comprised largely of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. Glutathione levels in the body may be reduced by a number of factors, including poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and stress. Its levels also decline with age. TOP 10 GLUTATHIONE BENEFITS Reduces oxidative stress Oxidative stress occurs when there’s an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to fight them off. Too-high levels of oxidative stress may be a precursor to multiple diseases. These include diabetes, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. Glutathione helps stave off the impact of oxidative stress, which may, in turn, reduce disease.An article cited in Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy indicated that glutathione deficiency leads to increased levels of oxidative stress, which might lead to cancer. It also stated that elevated glutathione levels raised antioxidant levels and resistance to oxidative stress in cancer cells. Improve psoriasis A small study indicated that whey protein, when given orally, improved psoriasis with or without additional treatment. Whey protein had been previously demonstrated to increase glutathione levels. Study participants were given 20 grams as an oral supplement daily for three months. Researchers stated that more study is needed. Reduces cell damage in alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Cell death in the liver may be exacerbated by a deficiency in antioxidants, including glutathione. This can lead to fatty liver disease in both those who misuse alcohol and those who don’t. Glutathione has been shown to improve protein, enzyme, and bilirubin levels in the blood of individuals with alcoholic and nonalcoholic chronic fatty liver disease.A study reported that glutathione was most effective when given to people with fatty liver disease intravenously, in high doses. Participants in the study also showed reductions in malondialdehyde, a marker of cell damage in the liver.Another small study found that orally administered glutathione had positive effects on people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease following proactive lifestyle changes. In this study, glutathione was provided in supplement form in a dose of 300 milligrams per day for four months. Improves insulin resistance in older individuals As people age, they produce less glutathione. Researchers at Baylor School of Medicine used a combination of animal and human studies to explore the role of glutathione in weight management and insulin resistance in older individuals. Study findings indicated that low glutathione levels were associated with less fat burning and higher rates of fat storing in the body.Older subjects had cysteine and glycine added to their diets to increase glutathione levels, which spiked within two weeks, improving insulin resistance and fat burning. Increases mobility for people with peripheral artery disease Peripheral artery disease occurs when the peripheral arteries become clogged by plaque. It most commonly happens in the legs. One study reported that glutathione improved circulation, increasing the ability of study participants to walk pain-free for longer distances. Participants receiving glutathione rather than a saline solution placebo were given intravenous infusions two times daily for five days, and then analyzed for mobility. Reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s disease affects the central nervous system and is defined by symptoms such as tremors. It currently has no cure. One older study documented intravenous glutathione’s positive effects on symptoms such as tremors and rigidity. While more research is needed, this case report suggests that glutathione may help reduce symptoms, improving quality of life in people with this disease. Help fight against autoimmune disease The chronic inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases can increase oxidative stress. These diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, and lupus. According to one study, glutathione helps reduce oxidative stress by either stimulating or reducing the body’s immunological response. Autoimmune diseases attack the mitochondria in specific cells. Glutathione works to protect cell mitochondria by eliminating free radicals. Reduce oxidative damage in children with autism Several studies, including a clinical trial reported in Medical Science Monitor, indicate that children with autism have higher levels of oxidative damage and lower levels of glutathione in their brain. This increased susceptibility to neurological damage in children with autism from substances such as mercury.The eight-week clinical trial on children aged 3 to 13 used oral or transdermal applications of glutathione. Autistic symptom changes were not evaluated as part of the study, but children in both groups showed improvement in cysteine, plasma sulfate, and whole-blood glutathione levels. Reduce the impact of uncontrolled diabetes Long-term high blood sugar is associated with reduced amounts of glutathione. This can lead to oxidative stress and tissue damage. A study found that dietary supplementation with cysteine and glycine boosted glutathione levels. It also lowered oxidative stress and damage in people with uncontrolled diabetes, despite high sugar levels. Study participants were placed on 0.81 millimoles per kilogram (mmol/kg) of cysteine and 1.33 mmol/kg glycine daily for two weeks. Reduce respiratory disease symptoms N-acetylcysteine is a medication used to treat conditions such as asthma and cystic fibrosis. As an inhalant, it helps to thin mucus and make it less paste-like. It also reduces inflammation. N-acetylcysteine is byproduct of glutathione.Glutathione is found in some foods, although cooking and pasteurization diminish its levels significantly. Its highest concentrations are in:raw or very rare meatunpasteurized milk and other unpasteurized dairy productsfreshly-picked fruits and vegetables, such as avocado, and asparagus.   Magnifique Premium Gluta Gold also has VITAMIN C which is very important when taking glutathione. Health Benefits Of Vitamin C Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants . It is very effective at cleaning up molecules that damage cells and tissues . Vitamin C has been studied for cancer prevention and for effects on immunity, heart disease, cataracts and a range of other conditions. Although vitamin C can not cure the common cold, supplements of 1,000 mg per day have been found to decrease the duration and severity of symptoms. In people with HIV, there is some evidence that vitamin C can inhibit replication of the virus in test-tube experiments, but it is unclear what this means in the human body.  The most important benefit for people with HIV is the widespread antioxidant action of vitamin C.  Researchers have found that taking vitamin C supplements increased glutathione levels in white blood cells in healthy adults. In one study, adults took 500–1,000 mg of vitamin C daily for 13 weeks, leading to an 18% increase of glutathione in white blood cells.   While most of Glutathione capsules focus on whitening, we also added COLLAGEN to our Magnifique Premium Gluta Gold. Collagen with Glutathione promises to fight against skin aging and lighten skin tone. COLLAGEN can improve skin health. It also helps relieve joint pain and could prevent bone loss. It boosts muscle mass, promotes heart health and more benefits.   Magnifique Premium Gluta Gold Content (30 capsules per bottle) Glutathione - 300mg Collagen - 150mg Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) - 150mg Recommended Usage: Take one (1) to two (2) capsule per day and best if taken at night 2-3 hours after last meal for better absorption.

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Zudaifu Psoriasis Eczema Herbal Treatment Shampoo Zudaifu Psoriasis Eczema Herbal Treatment Shampoo
Zudaifu Psoriasis Eczema Herbal Treatment Shampoo ₱799.00

A REFLECTION ON YOUR OVERALL HEALTH Believe it or not, the condition of your hair can be one of the most important signs of your overall health. Vibrant, healthy hair means that your body is producing enough vitamins and nutrients that ensure the body is operating at its peak condition. Unhealthy, dry and frizzy hair may be a sign that you may need to change your diet or hair care routine in order to promote your overall health and well-being. BOOSTS SELF-CONFIDENCE Self-confidence is important to everyone, and the condition of our hair has a significant impact on how we view ourselves. How to use?1. Wet hair with warm water, put proper amount of Zudaifu Psoriasis Eczema Herbal Treatment Shampoo in palm, knead foam on hair.2. Rub gently with finger pulp massage for about five minutes (do not use nail scratch, this will damage scalp, leading to more serious hair loss)3. After gently rubbing, rinse it with warm water. It is recommended to wash it once more, and the effect will be better (the first time to wash hair and the second time to nourish hair) Feature: 1. Chinese grass plant essence-deep nourish hair and scalp, repair damaged hair, herbal fragrance can make your hair exude a charming fragrance. Anti-peeling, anti-bacterial and anti-itching effect is remarkable. 2. Antibacterial-Herbal shampoo can eliminate dandruff on the scalp, inhibit and kill scalp itching caused by fungi and mites. 3. Repair damaged hair-regular use of herbal shampoo can penetrate deep into the pores to clean and nourish dry scalp and repair damaged hair. 4. Deep nourishing hair care-Shampoo extracts beneficial ingredients from natural plants. It is the main product for hair care. Because it has antibacterial and mite removal properties, it can balance hair oil, reduce the appearance of dandruff, and moisturize dry scalp . Package included: 1 x Zudaifu Hair Shampoo Specification: Brand: ZUDAIFU NET WT: 120ml Shelf life: 3 years

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Miracle Diabetic Patch - TOTAL of 18 Patches Miracle Diabetic Patch - TOTAL of 18 Patches
Miracle Diabetic Patch - TOTAL of 18 Patches ₱1,099.00

YES! 18 patches in total! Why the Diabetic Patch? Helps Relieve Fatigue - The Diabetic Patch has adrenal properties - Its herbs acts as an adrenal tonic and can work wonders to boost the adrenal function, giving you everlasting energy. Helps Regulates Blood Pressure - The herbal elements in the Diabetic Patch helps manage blood pressure, proven through clinical trials. In one study, around 62 people were advised to use the Diabetic Patch for a period of two weeks. After the stipulated period, it was observed that the patients showed a drop in blood pressure and serum cholesterol levels. Helps Control Diabetes - The Diabetic Patch displays a noticeable hypoglycaemic effect. Its anti-diabetic properties help control blood sugar more effectively in diabetics. It raises blood insulin levels, which works to reduce blood glucose levels. Helps Promote Hair Growth - Thinning of hair on the scalp has often been associated with hormonal imbalance. The natural healing properties in the Diabetic Patch helps to regulate and balance hormone levels, which can help restore hair growth. Helps Relieve Osteoporosis - The Diabetic Patch increases the growth and activity of osteoblasts (bone-forming cells) and suppressed the proliferation and activity of osteoclasts (cells that resorb bone tissue). Non-Invasive Treatment - The Diabetic Patch gives you the option of controlling blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and hormones without taking pills or injecting insulin. Discreet Treatment - Even on a busy day, you can enjoy the benefits of the Diabetic Patch. Simply place it in the navel area and it hides under your clothes, being undetected as you go about your day. HOW TO USE Wash navel area with warm water & stick patch onto navel area. One patch can be used for 3-4 days. Then remove it and clean skin. Five pieces as a course of treatment. 2-3 treatments (10-15 patches) are suggested to achieve the best results. Note: 1.After using diabetic patch, if you are taking other chemical medicine, please do not stop it and continue to take chemical medicine, but  please measure blood sugar every day and record it. 2. 80% patients, after using 4 -8 weeks later, blood sugar will be reduced, then reduce chemical medicine slowly, step by step. Finally, can stop other medicine finally.3. Diabetic Health Patch. Its uniqueness makes it possible to penetrate through skin the necessary agents into the blood vessels.4. The direct delivery in the blood  introduces the necessary substances in the circulatory system which in its turn decrease sugar levels. Permeating all parts of the body, they reach those in need of healing. Diabetic patch affects the body transdermally through the navael area. Plant extracts are included in the patch, gently helping with the correct dosage to normalize blood sugar levels. Diabetic patch is designed to treat  localized diabetic peripherals,help alleviate symptoms brought on from diabetic neuropathy such as deep pain, shortness of breath, poor memory, frequent urination, numbness and pain in the limbs. With the transdermal treatment, if there are side effects,such as intolerance to certain components, you can always stop the treatment. Ingredients: Extracted from Rehmanniae, Rhizoma anemarrhenae,Trichosanthin, arrowroot, astragalus, Scrophulariaceae, berberine, yam, borneolHerbal treatment for diabetes will focus on regulating the circulation of Blood and Qi and balancing the organ systems to improve pancreatic function and address internal heat and the depletion of fluids. Usage: 1.External use only2.Wash navel area with warm water, open the pouch and take patch out, stick it on the navel , 3.One patch can be used for 1day . Then remove it and clean skin. 4.6 pieces as a course of treatment. 5-10 treatments (30-60 patches ) are suggested to achieve best result. Contra-Indication: skin damaged and allergy, children, pregnant and nursing women.Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. 9 Healthy Habits to Control Your Diabetes 1. Exercise at least 3 to 4 times a weekPhysical activity will stabilize blood sugar levels. Exercising 3 to 4 times a week will help the body process insulin while boosting the mood and cognition. Other than controlling diabetes, being physically active can strengthen the heart, improve respiratory system, and help you cope one stress. 2. Observe a well-balanced dietDiabetes is a disease that is primarily caused by unhealthy eating habits such as having excessive intake of sugar, pasta, and carbs in general. However, this does not mean that one should be deprived of enjoying delicious food. Monitoring calorie intake and following a well-balanced diet will help avoid the illness and its health complications. 3. Avoid sweetened beverages and soft drinksSweetened beverages and soft drinks can spike up blood sugar levels. Aside from regulating blood sugar, cutting them out of the diet will provide a number of short and long-term benefits. These include effectively losing weight, achieving better dental health, and even decreasing the risk of osteoporosis. 4. Minimize dessertsDessert can be sweet, but a healthy life is a lot sweeter.  5. Reduce stressStress can greatly affect both the physical and emotional well-being. Whenever one is stressed, the body will not release insulin and automatically store sugar and fat to have enough energy to last the day. Studies have shown that people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes have fluctuations in their blood sugar levels whenever they feel pressured or stressed. 6. Quit smokingSmoking is primarily known to cause respiratory and cardiovascular issues but it can also cause diabetes. Nicotine found in cigarettes can raise blood sugar levels and make the body more resistant to insulin. Other than making treatment difficult, diabetics that smoke have a higher chance of acquiring complications with their blood vessels, kidneys, and eyes. 7. Cut back on alcohol intakeExcessive consumption of alcohol can cause irregularities in blood sugar levels. Instead of regulating the blood sugar, the liver will shift its focus on eliminating the alcohol in the body. Especially if one has been consuming drinks mixed with soda and other sweeteners, the liver will have a difficult time performing two tasks at once and will be put at risk of a disease. 8. Monitor your blood glucose levelHaving your own capillary blood glucose monitoring (CBGM) kit is a must. The device is very easy to use and can be used without the help of another person. Once you’ve acquired the aid of a healthcare professional, take note of the instructions and follow the monitoring regimen strictly. 9. Get proper diabetes treatmentAs soon as you start to feel symptoms of the disease, consult with an expert immediately. If the condition is left undiagnosed, diabetes can lead to other serious illnesses such as blindness or gangrene that can greatly affect the quality of life. Be proactive in maintaining your health and proceed to a nearby medical center for proper diabetes treatment.Live a Healthier LifeDealing with diabetes must be taken seriously.

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Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss
Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss from ₱999.00

About 90 percent of people with tinnitus also have hearing loss, though many people may not even realize they have both conditions. Tinnitus usually follows the pattern of your loss. If you have trouble hearing high frequencies, your tinnitus is often a high-pitched ringing or hissing. Long-term tinnitus become deafness long-term deafness become dementia. Patients with EAR DISEASE have been saying: "Lonely! fear! Don't let yourself walk into the silent world" "Can't hear, I can't hear clearly." "Sound like thunder" "I'm afraid that others won't hear me" "The ears are buzzing and so noisy I can't sleep well" "Annoying! I always want to get angry inexplicably." So, how to TREAT EAR DISEASE? Recently a magical secret recipe, Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" has been spread wildly on the Internet. The treatment effect is very significant and will not cause any impact.  Highly recommends it! Communicate normally tinnitus and deafness can be saved the symptoms such as ear swelling tinnitus and noise disappear within 7 days and the ear nerves can be repaired in 1 month so that you can hear clearly without wearing a hearing aid and your hearing returns to normal. As long as you insist on using it no matter how many years of neurological senile drug-induced mixed deafness and tinnitus you can quickly get cured and recover from ear diseases!   If you are troubled by ear diseases such as tinnitus and deafness you can take 5 minutes to take a look it will help you! ↓↓↓↓↓↓ I have been in the Department of Otolaryngology at Singapore City Hospital for 10 years but I am at a loss what to do with my father's ear problems. Because he has not received correct and effective treatment his tinnitus became more and more serious. And it's so serious that it's about to be deaf! In the end I used this Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" to make my father get rid of tinnitus and complications! In order to allow more friends to successfully end tinnitus and deafness like my father did I decided to share my father's treatment and recovery process! (My father finally recovered) My father belongs to neurotic tinnitus and finally induced deafness. He is still wearing hearing aids and suffers from dizziness and insomnia. He has been plagued by deafness and tinnitus for nearly 8 years. From injection of anesthetics steroids acupuncture therapy electromagnetic wave therapy hypnotic therapy. . . He even did the operation. He has done the experiment personally but the condition of deafness and tinnitus still exists. Hearing the sound is like that the ear is blocked for a long time. He can't hear anything and there is endless noise in the ear. At night he was so noisy that he couldn't sleep and he had to take sleeping pills to fall asleep. Because others couldn't hear the sound in his ears this feeling was really painful and helpless. Fortunately some university students in EUROPE have taught me this Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment". According to my old classmates this Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" has been clinically tested in the hospital to confirm that Among the 100 people with neurotic tinnitus physiological tinnitus drug-induced tinnitus etc. as well as dizziness hard of hearing hearing loss or total deafness and other complications 98 people have fully recovered. The day my father used it he obviously felt that his ears were not so loud. The ears seemed to poke a small gap. He heard things a lot more clearly and his body felt relaxed. After 15 days of continuous use the noise in the ears is reduced and no longer continues. Some external sounds can be heard and dizziness and headaches no longer occur. However he still need to wear a hearing aid when he go out. After 1 month of continuous use the rumbling in the ears has completely disappeared and can clearly hear other people's quiet voices the original insomnia has also disappeared and the recovery is as usual! I often sigh: If I could have known Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" a few years earlier, my father would not have to suffer from depression due to tinnitus deafness and insomnia! At present it has passed the clinical verification of more than 500 large medical institutions within 5 years. From the perspective of clinical rehabilitation the total effective rate is as high as 99.8% in 80 million+ cases and the effect is very satisfactory. Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" officially launched on the market so that all ear disease patients can enjoy the scientific results. It is a milestone in the scientific process of medicine completely changing the fate of ear disease patients! The effect of Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" is immediate - no matter how serious your ear diseases are or how long your medical history is, the tinnitus disappears after using it. The deafness got back sound and the hearing is as normal time-tested. It is not a dream to restore hearing after using Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment". The changes before and after use for patients with ear diseases such as tinnitus deafness and otitis media are amazing. It is the latest scientific and technological achievement in the treatment of ear diseases. ■Tinnitus: On the day of use symptoms such as cicadas and wind screams are significantly reduced. After use for about 10 days during work and rest the ear murmurs basically disappear. After 2 cycles there is no ear murmurs dizziness and upset caused by tinnitus. Symptoms such as insomnia disappeared and hearing recovered. ■ Deafness: Just a slight drop cochlea is refreshed increase hearing deafness ear distension and tinnitus reduced significantly. After about 5 days of using symptoms such as stuffiness swelling and blockage will disappear. The sensitivity to sound will be improved and the auditory nerve will be repaired and gradually return to normal in 2 cycles. ■Otitis media: Just a slight drop can quickly improve the itch and pain. After 5 days of using it will completely kill staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus viruses draining pus and water and the stinging and swelling will disappear. In one cycle the otitis media will be fully improved and the hearing will gradually back to normal. FEEDBACK Product efficacy and safety are at the same time feel free to use Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" is highly targeted for ear diseases with high ingredients fast medicinal effects and strong penetrating power. It can directly enter the meridians. The meridian of the human body has superconducting effect. The material movement in the meridian is similar to the speed of light forming a special space gravitational field. The effect can directly penetrate the blood oxygen barrier and enter the cochlea. It only takes three steps to repair the auditory conduction chain. 1. Clean your ears Eliminate ear toxins and purify the ear canal environment Prolonged tinnitus and deafness will cause poor blood circulation in the ears and a lot of toxins will accumulate in the blood vessels. After these toxins accumulate to a certain degree they will cause different degrees of deafness. Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" contains medicine materials such as sophora ginseng. It can detoxify and eliminate inflammation and has a significant effect on the environmental purification of the ear canal. 2. Ear trimming The unique transdermal controlled release technology of Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" enables the effective ingredients to reach the auditory brain quickly repair the damaged auditory center and make the emitted auditory potential normal so that the sound formed in the cochlear auditory receptors will be correct. Moreover various active ingredients such as cork etc. are rich in nutritional value and can quickly supplement the materials needed by the auditory center repair damaged nerves ensure the accuracy of the auditory brain transmission signal and prevent tinnitus and deafness. 3. Improving hearing Repair system microcirculation tinnitus no longer ring Normal nutrient supply is the basis for organ function. Body nutrition is delivered by blood and organ nutrient supply is realized through microcirculation. For example ear capillaries are atrophy capillary blood flow is not smooth it will greatly affect the me Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" has the function of expanding the capillaries can remove the lipids in the blood vessel wall and keep the capillaries normal permeability promote me Usage: Drip into the ear canal 2-3 times a day Once again we appeal to all ear disease patients from all over the world to try Miracle Drops for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss "Ear Drops Treatment" especially the following types of patients to use them as soon as possible to avoid lifelong deafness and regret for life. 1. Neurological deafness sudden deafness and tinnitus that do not heal for a long time; 2. Drug toxic deafness and tinnitus semi-deafness and dumbness acute and chronic suppurative otitis media tympanic membrane perforation middle ear mastoiditis cholesteatoma otitis media mixed deafness and Meniere's syndrome; 3. Especially for deafness caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis cerebral embolism thick blood high blood lipids diabetes cervical spondylosis etc. which are caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain such as deafness tinnitus brainnitus dullness in the ears dizziness insomnia palpitations irritability memory loss etc. the curative effect is peculiar can achieve satisfactory results and the purpose of radical cure and will not relapse after cure.

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Vitiligo Magical Cream (Gamot sa An-An) Vitiligo Magical Cream (Gamot sa An-An)
Vitiligo Magical Cream (Gamot sa An-An) from ₱999.00

Widely Used---Sumifun vitiligo cream effectively relieves skin pigmentation disorders including vitiligo, leukoplakia, skin discoloration, and other hyperpigmented skin problems. Effective fading---Our vitiligo care cream is specially formulated to meet the needs of patients with skin conditions such as vitiligo, promoting a more even skin tone and helping to reduce the appearance of white spots. Safe and Mild---The vitiligo cream is made from natural and gentle herbs. It is very safe and mild that will not irritate your affected area. And the plant herbal essence penetrates the surface layer of the skin, so that the stratum corneum of the skin slowly repairs the original lost melanin of the skin. Easy to Use---Simply clean the affected skin with warm water, take appropriate amount of the vitiligo care cream, apply it slightly to the affected area 2-3 times a day. And please use for at least 3 to 6 months, at the same time combined with light therapy or solar therapy. Packaging and Service---You will get 8 counts. You can test the skin area before use. If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us directly, we are always at your side to help you, thank you for your understanding. What is the reason for white spots? It’s estimated that around 1% of people worldwide are affected by vitiligo. White spots on the skin are a fairly common skin problem characterised by the destruction of melanocytes. Melanocytes are the cells in the body responsible for pigmentation. Once they are destroyed, they can no longer produce melanin.   How to Use: *Simply clean the affected skin with warm water, take appropriate amount of the vitiligo care cream. *Apply it slightly to the affected area 2-3 times a day. *Please use for at least 3 to 6 months, at the same time combined with light therapy or solar therapy.  

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Nano Hearing Aid Pro Nano Hearing Aid Pro
Nano Hearing Aid Pro ₱999.00

Mini Size Inner Ear Invisible Hearing Aid This mini hearing aid is designed for old people or people with hearing problems, suitable for those people who has hearing loss or patients. Low power consumption, high-fidelity, fine quality chip, invisibility fleshcolor surface will not incongruity in the crowd. User-oriented design make the hearing aid can perfect the ear.    Features: This affordable hearing aids have volume control, can adjust the volume to fit your own needs and preferences. Smaller, simpler, more convenient, more powerful and more stable. Use digit circuit, automatic noise dropping technology, natural sound, provides you a comfortable experience. Non-toxic material equipped with soft silica gel, will not harm your ear. Equipped with 4 different size earplugs, ergonomic design, will not feel pain even after long time wearing. Also provide finer technology in ray of hearing aids, to reduce electromagnetic interfere.       About Whistle , you can do this 3 steps to remove it.1. Choose a suitable earplug to make the product sealed in the ear canal2. Low down the sound volume3. When you put into battery , please be quick , to put the product into the earNote:Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.Keep the ear plug cleanRemove the battery if you don't use it for long time. Specification: 1. Max sound output: 110±5dB2. Sound gain: ≥30dB3. Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤10%4. Frequency range: 300-4000Hz5. Input noise: ≤40dB6. Voltage: DC1.5V7. Current: ≤4mA8. Color: As picturesPackage Included:1 x Hearing Aids2 x AG3 Button Cells1 x Instruction Manual1 x Case2 x Units of earplug of different size

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Professional Hearing Aid - Rechargeable Professional Hearing Aid - Rechargeable
Professional Hearing Aid - Rechargeable from ₱1,499.00

How hearing aids work? Professional Rechargeable Hearing Aid uses the same basic parts to carry sounds from the environment into your ear and make them louder. Most hearing aids are digital, and all are powered with a hearing aid built-in battery. Small microphones collect sounds from the environment. A computer chip with an amplifier converts the incoming sound into digital code. It analyzes and adjusts the sound based on your hearing loss, listening needs and the level of the sounds around you. The amplified signals are then converted back into sound waves and delivered to your ears through speakers. Professional Rechargeable Hearing Aid hooks over the top of your ear and rests behind the ear. A tube connects the hearing aid to a custom earpiece called an earmold that fits in your ear canal. This type is appropriate for people of all ages and those with almost any type of hearing loss. A behind-the-ear hearing aid: Is capable of more amplification than are other styles May pick up more wind noise than other styles Additional features Noise reduction. All hearing aids have some amount of noise reduction available. The amount of noise reduction varies. Directional microphones. These are aligned on the hearing aid to provide for improved pick up of sounds coming from in front of you with some reduction of sounds coming from behind or beside you. Some hearing aids are capable of focusing in one direction. Directional microphones can improve your ability to hear when you're in an environment with a lot of background noise. Rechargeable batteries. Some hearing aids have rechargeable batteries. This can make maintenance easier for you by eliminating the need to regularly change the battery. Telecoils. Telecoils make it easier to hear when talking on a telecoil-compatible telephone. The telecoil eliminates the sounds from your environment and only picks up the sounds from the telephone. Telecoils also pick up signals from public induction loop systems that can be found in some churches or theaters, allowing you to hear the speaker, play or movie better. Wireless connectivity. Increasingly, hearing aids can wirelessly interface with certain Bluetooth-compatible devices, such as cellphones, music players and televisions. You may need to use an intermediary device to pick up the phone or other signal and send it to the hearing aid. Environmental noise control. Some hearing aids offer noise cancellation, which helps block out background noise. Some also offer wind noise reduction. Synchronization. For an individual with two hearing aids, the aids can be programmed to function together so that adjustments made to a hearing aid on one ear (volume control or program changes) will also be made on the other aid, allowing for simpler control. 100% brand new and high quality. Wear comfortably, fashionable streamlined design and clear natural sound. Small size and very light weight. Nickel-hydrogen charging battery used and no need for battery replacement. Suitable for people with slight hearing impairment and occasion where its needed to amplify the sound. Specification: Material: Plastic Net weight: 6g Color: Skintone Charging time: 2-4 hours (First charge is 12hrs after receiving the device) Working time: 48 hours Charge method: Rechargeable Ear plug: 3 Set Working voltage: 1.5V How to use:

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Amazing Hearing Aid (Buy 1 Take 1) Amazing Hearing Aid (Buy 1 Take 1)
Amazing Hearing Aid (Buy 1 Take 1) ₱1,299.00

Being able to hear is one of life's simple pleasures. Don't allow the loss of sound be the loss of your happiness as well.                                      BENEFITS Has a unique small design so it is very discreet and nearly invisible when worn. Has a powerful flagship chip that's why it is suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss.   Has built-in wind noise suppression system so you can hear your loved ones clearly. Extremely easy to use & adjustable. Set up and ready to use in seconds. Adjusting the volume is also quick and easy by turning a volume dial.  Very convenient. Fits comfortably and is one size fits all.    HIGHLIGHTS: Post ear design Smart noise reduction Smart chip Long battery life     Features Maximum sound output: 130 +_ 5dB Sound gain: more than 50dB Total harmonic distortion: less than 5% Frequency range: 300Hz ~ 40000Hz Input Noise: less than 30 dB Operating voltage: 1.5V Battery model LR44 Current: less than 4mA Weight: 74g Instructions: The wire plug connected to the headset. Then earplug connector (hard) to the headset, earbuds (silica gel) to connect to the headphone connector pedestal The battery installation: Gently open the battery compartment cover, put a AG13/LR44 battery into the battery compartment in the right direction, then close the battery compartment . Before you use this item ,you have to turn the O-N switch to O(off),and turn the sound volume to mini mum Then put this item on you ear, keep it tightly Next, turn this item on(O-N to N), adjust the volume until you hear clear sound                       Package Included 1xhearing amplifier 3xbutton cell battery 1xhard plastic storage case    

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Mini Hearing Aid Battery (10pcs) Mini Hearing Aid Battery (10pcs)
Mini Hearing Aid Battery (10pcs) ₱200.00

Product Description Introduction: 10 Pcs AG3 alkaline 1.5v batteries new packaging that guarantees authenticity, works for: laser pointer insulin pumps, heart rate monitor, toys ,watches, cameras, calculators, car security alarm, keyless car remotes, organizers, computer equipment (memory backup battery) CMOS, and all other devices that requires this battery size equivalent to: #192, #384, #392, #392A, #AG3, #CX41, #G3, #LR41, #L736, #LR736, #SR41, #SR41SW, #SR41W, #V3GA. Features: Pass the SGS test standard. High operating voltage, high capacity, and superior low temperature characteristics. Provide excellent continuous power. High energy density, long life expantancy. Compatible with a massive range of devices, including LR41, AG3, 392, 357, SR41W, SR41SW. Used in laser pointers, clocks, watches, calculators, computers, cameras, digital cameras, PDAs, remote controls, camcorders, electronic games, electronic instruments, MP3 players, digital voice recorders, toys, blood glucose, cholesterol testing meters, etc. Batteries only, other accessories demo in the picture are not included! Tips: 1. Wipe the battery with dry cloth ansd set properly confirming end(+.-). 2. Keep the battery in a dark, cool and dry place. 3. Use finger sacks or non-metallic tweezers. 4. Do not throw the battery in ti fire, not recharge.    5. Insert the battery in the right direction and avoid short-circuit. 6. Keep away from children. Specification: Model: AG3 Material: Metal Standard Voltage: 1.55V Rated Capacity: 42 Short Circuit Current: 0.3A Standard Load Current: 0.3A Storage & Working Temperature: <45° Diameter: app.7.9mm/0.31in Quantity: 1 Set Note: 1.No retail package. 2.Please allow 0-1cm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid. 3.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you! Package includes: 10 Pcs x Batteries

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Miracle Cream for Skin Diseases Miracle Cream for Skin Diseases
Miracle Cream for Skin Diseases from ₱650.00

This amazing cream will help you treat Psoriasis and Eczema. This cream contains powerful medicinal herbs that helps cure different types of skin diseases. Psoriasis and Eczema can be both embarrassing and irritating. It can also be uncomfortable and quite itchy. People suffering from this skin problems have to contend with both the worry that others may find them disgusting. Moreover, it comes with intense itchiness and pain. Finally, say goodbye to horribly painful & burning red eczema! Our Advanced Psoriasis & Eczema Cream is scientifically designed for people who suffer from autoimmune skin problems. ✔️Fast acting & effective moisturizing skin cream✔️instantly restore moisture to dry cracked skin✔️Clinically proven to relieve minor irritation and dryness✔️Delivers 24 hour hydration This ointment have stronger inhibitory effect on e. coli and fungi, so that it can prevent skin from infections.Cracked, dry and scaly skin due to psoriasis and eczema can be very itchy and painful. The burning sensation and itch can be very uncomfortable and bothersome. This advanced psoriasis and eczema cream gives your skin instant and long lasting relief from itching.    Symptoms  Rashes commonly appear in creases of the elbows or knees or the nape of the neck. Rashes cover much of the body. Rashes can be especially prominent on the neck, face, and around the eyes. Rashes can cause very dry skin. Rashes can be permanently itchy. Rashes in adults can be more scaly than those occurring in children. Rashes can lead to skin infections. Main Ingredients: Sophorae Flavescentis radix, Stemonae radix, Cnidii fructus, Kochiae Fructus, Menthae Haplocalycis Herba extractive, Chlorhexidine acetate 0.3-0.25%, stearic acid, Distilled glycerol monostearate, Vaseline, Purified water, etc. Inhibitory Components and Contents: Chlorhexidine acetate 0.3-0.25%Notes: External use only! Please do not swallow. Stop the treatment if any adverse reaction occurs.Due to high demand of this product we have limited stocks only! We accept Cash On Delivery or Cash on Pick up @ LBC branch near you!We will PAY for Shipping! Buy NOW!see customer's review below....

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Miracle Antibacterial Sulfur Soap Miracle Antibacterial Sulfur Soap
Miracle Antibacterial Sulfur Soap ₱299.00

Main functions: This product has obvious function of inhibition, cleaning, disinfection for all kinds of fungal infection caused by various tinea disease (such as psoriasis, eczema, capitis, tinea, scabies(Jie) ringworm, beriberi, small blisters, etc.) Why Skin Problems Exist? Have you cleaned every inch of your body? Oil-control has been done? Have you chosen the right skin care product?   How to use? Wet the soap then daub on your hands, face and other parts, use fingertips massage for 3-5 minutes, then wash them off with clean water.   Skin Care Strats From Cleaning with Sulfur Soap Make you feel more relaxed and get better skin conditions, soothe skin discomfort, treat skin infection, redness, itchiness, protect from water and air pollutant, keep skin dry and clean in a safe condition, avoid eczema, rosacea, psoriasis etc.   Warning: Avoid contacting eyes, if contact by mistake, use plenty of water to wash your eyes immediately.

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Anti-Dysmenorrhea Magic Patch (4pcs/pack) - Buy 1 take 1 Anti-Dysmenorrhea Magic Patch (4pcs/pack) - Buy 1 take 1
Anti-Dysmenorrhea Magic Patch (4pcs/pack) - Buy 1 take 1 from ₱699.00

Menstrual pain or Dysmenorrhea is NOT a joke. It's really bad that when you don't take pain remedies, you might experience cold sweats, diarrhea, and vomiting. Women know! However, pain killers can harm your liver and kidney! What are the symptoms of menstrual cramps? If you have painful periods, you may have: Aching pain in the abdomen (pain may be severe at times). Feeling of pressure in the abdomen. Pain in the hips, lower back and inner thighs. What to do if you have Menstrual pain or Dysmenorrhea? Rest when needed. Avoid foods that contain caffeine. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Massage your lower back and abdomen. Place Anti-Dysmenorrhea Magic Patch on your lower back or abdomen. Anti-Dysmenorrhea Magic Patch ✔ Menstrual cramp and PMS relief easy-to-use heating patches adhere to your lower abdomen and back on undergarment or shirt to soothe muscular tension associated with PMS and menstrual cramps. ✔ Fast heating, effective - instantly heats up to an ideal, therapeutic temperature to promote blood flow and help muscles relax for maximum cramp relief. ✔ Heat therapy - soothing abdominal discomfort, reducing swelling and bloating and improving mood and energy. Effective relief from other muscular pains. Free from toxic ingredients. ✔ Convenient for on-the-go - Individually wrapped to fit your lifestyle, thin, discrete design to seamlessly fit under your clothing to help you get through the day. Benefits ✔ Effective & reliable : Uses the product to provide optimum heat for combating pain. Produces steady heat over a long time.  ✔ Fast heating : Starts heating up within 5 minutes upon contact with air for quick relief. ✔ Convenient : Easy to use anytime of the day. ✔ Long lasting : Provides continuous long lasting heat for up to 6-8 hours. 💥The recommended way to use the product is to stick on your underwear or shirt. It will protect your skin from direct contact with heat. 💥DO NOT stick the product on your skin directly. 💥Remove the product immediately if it gets too hot. 💥 For safety, Frequent checking will help you monitor your skin condition and prevent unwanted injury. Product Details ✅ Expiry date is provided on the pouch and three years from the date of manufacture.  ✅ All products are imported from Korea Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps: Diet Changes – Avoid sugar, caffeine, salty foods, inflammatory foods, cold foods (especially a day or two before). Eat enough of the good fats, such as; avocados and coconut oil. Supplement with Magnesium – Many people are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is vital and it can aid in relaxing muscles. Preliminary studies have found that magnesium may aid in reducing menstrual pain. You can easily increase your level of magnesium by using Epsom salts or magnesium oil. Exercise – You should exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Exercise helps your body release endorphins that counter act the cramp-producing chemicals involved in the menstrual cycle (3). Yoga is great because it uses deep breathing and this helps get oxygen to the muscle tissues. Daily Bowel Movements – Make sure you go every day (magnesium helps with this), otherwise excess estrogen can be released back in to the body and cause cramps. Get Rid of Toxic Tampons – Many see improvement when they stop using tampons and use pads instead. Reduce Stress/Anxiety – High levels can cause progesterone levels to drop. Try to minimize your exposure to stress. If you reduce stress, both emotional and physiological (eliminating toxins and improving blood sugar balance) you can improve your hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis, which will aide in keeping progesterone levels up (2). Anti-Dysmenorrhea Magic Patch - This is one of my go to home remedies for menstrual cramps. Applying a heating pad to your abdominal area will provide instant relief from cramps. The heat aids in relaxing muscles.


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